Wild Kratts Birthday

Aurora’s favourite TV program has been Wild Kratts since July, and if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it! When she said she wanted to have a Wild Kratts Birthday, I went online and got some great ideas from other parents who’ve done it recently, like Kara and The Kester Crew. Since the show only started last January, it hasn’t got a huge following yet, but tons of thanks to the parents who posted their kids’ parties!

Before the party, Brian and I made “Creature Power Suits” out of black felt and velcro, with different-coloured patches of felt on each suit. On the show, Martin and Chris Kratt wear blue and green, but ours also had pink, gold, and red, according to the kids’ favourite colours. The vests turned out pretty well, although the glued-on coloured bits could pull off rather easily.


In the centre of each paw print is a velcro spot, where the kids can attach the creature power disc for whichever animal they choose to be. I worked pretty hard on making great-looking discs, based on images from the show, so I was really glad that we had them all printed out before my computer was stolen a couple of weeks ago. I cut them out (8 of each, so 40 total), and Brian did the lamination.

Creature Power Discs

For the first game, we were polar bears, and jumped from ice floe (towel) to ice floe, or swam through the icy water if they were too far apart.


For the second game, the kids became platypuses, rescuing eggs by carrying them with spoons (see first picture, above). Amazingly, not a single egg was dropped, although I did take the precaution of hard-boiling them first!

Our third game was cheetah racing, and our six cheetahs had an absolute blast chasing the gazelle (Daddy) around and around the backyard.


Then it was time to go inside for lunch (sandwich and fruit/veggie platters). We had a quick game of “Firefly Says” after lunch, and then our fifth and final game; Build a Beaver Lodge!


Using logs (pretzel sticks) and mud (chocolate frosting) the kids and some helpful adults worked together to assemble a big’ old beaver lodge, just like Martin and Chris did on the show. I probably ate more than I stuck on, but the kids were really into the task at hand. This kept them busy for at least half an hour, and I actually got a chance to sit down and relax for a few minutes.

Then came the book exchange. Instead of gifts for Aurora, we asked the parents to bring one wrapped book per kid. The kids take turns choosing a book, so that each one gets to open a present at the party. It did happen that two books were less than satisfactory to their recipients, so they switched ‘em, and everyone was happy.

Finally, the cake. On the show, the animated Martin and Chris travel around the world with their crew on a giant flying tortoise ship, the “Tortuga”. I did my best to reproduce this ship, or at least build a tortuga-esque shape, without using fondant.


The results may have been a bit sloppy, but the cake was really delicious, and disappeared quicker than you can say, “Living free and in the wild!”


  1. gailn said,

    October 14, 2011 @ 9:25 am

    Loved your party! So glad it didn’t rain. What a lovely (and small) bunch of kids!

  2. Cheryl said,

    October 25, 2011 @ 10:59 pm

    Those creature power discs look great! How did you make them? I am trying to organize a Wild Kratts birthday party for my son next week and I haven’t found any creature power dics that I need for my games; eg. anteater. Your ideas are greatly appreciated. It looked like one fun party


  3. Lisa said,

    October 31, 2011 @ 6:02 pm

    I’m a graphic designer, so I was able to use Illustrator to draw the discs. I took a screen shot of a disc on a YouTube video, and traced over it on the computer. If you want, you can use the above image of my discs as a template. Find a stylized picture of an anteater on Google Images or something like that, and trace it for your discs. What is your anteater game?
    Then, after I printed them out on photo paper, I cut them out, laminated them, and glued velcro on the back. Good luck!

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